Rui has supervised/is supervising the following PhD students:

  • Nuno Sabino (IST/CMU, co-supervised by Pedro Adao, Limin Jia, Lujo Bauer) Security of Web Applications using Fuzzing and Symbolic Execution (2020 ⇒ 2024, on going)

  • Francisco Ribeiro (UMinho, co-supervised with João Saraiva) Explaining Software Faults in Source Code. (2019 — 2022, on going)

  • Sofia Reis (IST) Understanding and Improving Security-oriented Static Analysis Techniques (2018 ⇒ 2022, on going)

  • Luis Cruz (FEUP) Combining Living Analytics and Educational Data Mining to Model Student Performance (2013 ⇒ 2019)

  • Alexandre Perez (FEUP/PARC) Spectrum-based Diagnosis: Measurements, Improvements and Applications (2012 ⇒ 2018)

  • Jose Campos (U.Sheffield, co-supervised with Gordon Fraser) (re)Testing Evolving Software (2012 ⇒ 2017)

  • Nuno Cardoso (FEUP, co-supervised with David Garlan) Spectrum-based Diagnosis for Run-time Systems (September 2011 ⇒ April 2016)

I collaborated closely with Alberto Gonzalez Sanchez (TUDelft; I was part of his PhD thesis committee as his informal adviser) and Lucio Sanchez Passos (PhD student at FEUP). I am actively collaborating with Paulo Casanova (Dual PhD student in the context of the CMU Portugal program -- Carnegie Mellon University and University of Coimbra).